Class JewishCalendar

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, Comparable<JewishDate>

    public class JewishCalendar
    extends JewishDate
    The JewishCalendar extends the JewishDate class and adds calendar methods. This open source Java code was originally ported by Avrom Finkelstien from his C++ code. It was refactored to fit the KosherJava Zmanim API with simplification of the code, enhancements and some bug fixing. The class allows setting whether the holiday scheme follows the Israel scheme or outside Israel scheme. The default is the outside Israel scheme.
    © Avrom Finkelstien 2002, © Eliyahu Hershfeld 2011 - 2018
    See Also:
    Date, Calendar
    To Do:
    Some do not belong in this class, but here is a partial list of what should still be implemented in some form:
    1. Add Isru Chag
    2. Shabbos Mevarchim
    3. Mishna yomis etc