Class TefilaRules


public class TefilaRules extends Object
Tefila Rules is a utility class that covers the various halachos and minhagim regarding changes to daily tefila / prayers, based on the Jewish calendar. This is mostly useful for use in developing siddur type applications, but it is also valuable for shul calendars that set tefila times based on if tachanun is recited that day. There are many settings in this class to cover the vast majority of minhagim, but there are likely some not covered here. The source for many of the chasidishe minhagim can be found in the Minhag Yisrael Torah on Orach Chaim 131. Dates used in specific communities such as specific yahrzeits or a holidays like Purim Mezhbizh (Medzhybizh) celebrated on 11 Teves or Purim Saragossa celebrated on the (17th or) 18th of Shevat are not (and likely will not be) supported by this class.

Sample code:

 TefilaRules tr = new TefilaRules();
 JewishCalendar jewishCalendar = new JewishCalendar();
 HebrewDateFormatter hdf = new HebrewDateFormatter();
 jewishCalendar.setJewishDate(5783, JewishDate.TISHREI, 1); // Rosh Hashana
 System.out.println(hdf.format(jewishCalendar) + ": " + tr.isTachanunRecitedShacharis(jd));
 jewishCalendar.setJewishDate(5783, JewishDate.ADAR, 17);
 System.out.println(hdf.format(jewishCalendar) + ": " + tr.isTachanunRecitedShacharis(jewishCalendar));
 System.out.println(hdf.format(jewishCalendar) + ": " + tr.isTachanunRecitedShacharis(jewishCalendar));
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