Package com.kosherjava.zmanim.hebrewcalendar

package com.kosherjava.zmanim.hebrewcalendar
This package contain classes that represent a Jewish Date/Calendar, and allows conversion between Jewish and Gregorian dates. The main calendar classes JewishCalendar and JewishDate are based on Avrom Finkelstien's code, refactored to fit the Zmanim API. The parsha and season-based tefila change code was ported by Y. Paritcher from his libzmanim code.


  • JewishDate is the base class, allowing the maintainance of an instance of a Gregorian date along with the corresponding Jewish date.
  • JewishCalendar extends JewishDate and adds some methods related to the calendar.
  • TefilaRules is a utility class for various calendar based tefila rules.
  • HebrewDateFormatter defines the basics for taking a JewishCalendar and formatting the dates.
  • YomiCalculator calculates the Daf Yomi Bavli for a given JewishCalendar and YerushalmiYomiCalculator does the same for Yerushalmi Yomi.
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