Class ZmanimCalendar

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public class ZmanimCalendar
extends AstronomicalCalendar
The ZmanimCalendar is a specialized calendar that can calculate sunrise and sunset and Jewish zmanim (religious times) for prayers and other Jewish religious duties. This class contains the main functionality of the Zmanim library. For a much more extensive list of zmanim use the ComplexZmanimCalendar that extends this class. See documentation for the ComplexZmanimCalendar and AstronomicalCalendar for simple examples on using the API. According to Rabbi Dovid Yehudah Bursztyn in his Zmanim Kehilchasam (second edition published in 2007) chapter 2 (pages 186-187) no zmanim besides sunrise and sunset should use elevation. However Rabbi Yechiel Avrahom Zilber in the Birur Halacha Vol. 6 Ch. 58 Pages 34 and 42 is of the opinion that elevation should be accounted for in zmanim calculations. Related to this, Rabbi Yaakov Karp in Shimush Zekeinim, Ch. 1, page 17 states that obstructing horizons should be factored into zmanim calculations. The setting defaults to false (elevation will not be used for zmanim calculations), unless the setting is changed to true in setUseElevation(boolean). This will impact sunrise and sunset based zmanim such as AstronomicalCalendar.getSunrise(), AstronomicalCalendar.getSunset(), getSofZmanShmaGRA(), alos based zmanim such as getSofZmanShmaMGA() that are based on a fixed offset of sunrise or sunset and zmanim based on a percentage of the day such as ComplexZmanimCalendar.getSofZmanShmaMGA90MinutesZmanis() that are based on sunrise and sunset. It will not impact zmanim that are a degree based offset of sunrise and sunset, such as ComplexZmanimCalendar.getSofZmanShmaMGA16Point1Degrees() or ComplexZmanimCalendar.getSofZmanShmaBaalHatanya().

Note: It is important to read the technical notes on top of the AstronomicalCalculator documentation before using this code.

I would like to thank Rabbi Yaakov Shakow, the author of Luach Ikvei Hayom who spent a considerable amount of time reviewing, correcting and making suggestions on the documentation in this library.


I did my best to get accurate results, but please double-check before relying on these zmanim for halacha lemaaseh.
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