The latest code-base is now hosted in the KosherJava Zmanim GitHub repository. Compiled Jar files can be downloaded from Maven Central’s KosherJava zmanim project. To download the Jar, click on the latest version and you will see a download link on the top right corner.

Last updated on Sep 30, 2020 – י״ב תשרי תשפ״א

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  1. If anyone converted it to VB.NET or C#.NET I would like to get the source code or at least the DLL. (please post it here if posible)

    I tried converting it with JCLA but it didn’t work, so I made a J#.NET Project and I got some compilation errors



      1. Jeffrey,
        I’m trying to use the jar file in my android app, I imported the library but the first method call to the api (whichever method, tried multiple) causes it to crash. Any advice on how you got it to work?

    1. Amir,
      When you are below sea level the reason you see sunrise later and sunset earlier is due to obstructions (natural in this case) blocking the horizon. Would you expect sunrise to be an hour or 2 before chatzos and an hour or 2 after chatzos when you were at the floor of the Grand Canyon? Secondly, calculating netz hanireh (visual sunrise) requires much more than elevation. You need to calculate how far you are from the obstruction, how high it is etc to know the angle to the horizon. I will try to post more details some time in the future.

  2. Hello,
    Just met a problem with a user from Caracas, Venezuela.
    there is GTM offset equals -4.5 hours. But zmanim are counted as -5 hours GMT offset.
    Have you met previously such a problem?
    I specify correct TimeZone with correct offset, but times are calculated incorrectly.

    Thanks for any tips and suggestions.


  3. just checked out the map. You have just the same issue with Caracas – full hour. But in your case it is -4.0
    Timezone: America/Caracas, Venezuela Time (GMT -4.0). I think I have 5 hours, due to the reason, that I count also DST.
    Please investigate, where the problem might occur.

    thank you in advance.

    1. The issue is now resolved in both the Zmanim map and the Zmanim Calendar by overriding the old Olson database with the following:


      The real truth is that with my host not updating the Java version, many places in the world will have an incorrect timezone. It is very hard to manually update my code to match all of the Java time zone changes in my hosts old Java version.

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