Javadoc API Documentation

The API documentation for the Zmanim package are of interest to developers interested in using the code, as well as to anyone interested in how the zmanim are calculated. The source code is available at the GitHub KosherJava Zmanim Repository.
For interest of the non-Java developers, the documentation is automatically generated from comments within the source code.
If you notice any zmanim that you feel requires clarification or additional documentation, please open an issue or pull request in GitHub or contact me.

16 thoughts on “Javadoc API Documentation”

  1. Great Work. I really Like your HebrewDate Implementation.
    I was previously using the Open source project from BAYT. which is very nice also, but what I liked about yours is that it has the hebrew rendering of the date. Very fancy. I am not sure how to use it yet, but I look forward to it.

    By the way what do you do? are you a full-time prgrammer? Do you learn all day? Are you available to work on side projects?

    All the Best.

  2. David,
    The Zmanim Java API is for the moment for zmanim only. The BAYT HebrewDate API (last updated in 2002), is for the most part a Jewish / Gregorian calendar that has had some rudimentary zmanim added. The 2 really target different needs and will often be used together in a project. The Hebrew dates that you see displayed on the site are actually part of the PHP Hebrew date plugin that I wrote for WordPress, and not part of the API. Adding similar Hebrew display support to the BAYT API or even merging part of the HebrewDate API to the Zmanim API would potentially make sense. I would like to eventually port the Zmanim API to both .NET (C#) and PHP. The C# conversion should be trivial, while the PHP port, while not very complex, will take some more time.

  3. I too am very interested in the C#.Net version.
    Any idea yet when this will be available?
    Do you think you can make a wrapper web service around your Java based code? Then the data can be retrieved by any client which can consume a web service.

  4. I would really like to see a PHP port…
    Maybe I will make one myself if I have time to dig through the code :).

    BTW, the Zmanim Calendar Generator produces no result, no link, no download file… am I doing something wrong? Using latest build of Google Chrome.


    1. It would certainly be nice to see a port to PHP. You may want to touch base with Moishe Beshkin who did work on a WordPress zmanim plugin that uses PHP. As for the Zmanim Calendar Generator, thanks for alerting me to this outage. I can confirm that it is down. I will have to contact the web-host for some info. This process sometimes takes a while since I have no direct access to the logs.

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