New Version of the Hebrew Date Plugin Available

A new version (v0.3.0) of the Hebrew Date Plugin is now available. This fixes the post time formatting issue. The code is crude and relies on the detection of a ‘:’ in the Date String to determine that it is a time and not date. This works well with the Kubrick, the default WordPress 1.5 theme. Other themes that use alternate date formatting might not work perfectly with this plugin. It is worth noting that as far as I know, this plugin will only work with WP 1.5. The plugin does not require changes to the theme and can simply be activated from the Admin plugin screen.

3 thoughts on “New Version of the Hebrew Date Plugin Available”

  1. Now that I see the first comment I noticed that the timestamp on comments do not seem to invoke the plugin and I am not sure why. At first I assumed that the code in the plugin was for some reason not converting this format of timestamp, but a quick look seems to confirm that the plugin code is never invoked. It will probably have to wait for a while before I get to fix it (though I welcome any suggestions / patches).

  2. The timestamp in the comments section is now fixed. The problem was that the ‘the_time’ filter hook is not invoked on comments post dates. I found what seems to be an undocumented hook ‘get_comment_date’ at gets invoked on comment dates and when I added this hook in addition to the ‘the_time’ to my plugin, the code was called for comment date/time as well. I have updated the file (now at v0.5.1) to include this fix. I also added some comments and cleaned up the code (somewhat).

  3. The plugin was just updated to v0.8. Enhancements include the use of the date format specified by the user in the WP settings, the option to output the Jewish date in a Latin charset (as opposed to the default Hebrew), the conversion of the archive format of Month, Date. The archive format only shows converted on the archive page. The list of archive month links on the index page is not converted. I do not think that there is a hook for a plugin to use for this, and I do not want to do anything with this plugin that would require the user to fiddle with the code / themes.
    The was also a fair amount of refactoring and code cleanup.

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