New release of the Hebrew Date Plugin for WordPress

Mike who took over development of the WordPress Hebrew Date plugin in 2006, released a new version of the plugin. The WordPress Hebrew Date plugin is now hosted at the WordPress plugin repository. This should make it easier for people to find and update the plugin. New in this version is support for the WordPress 3.0 default theme, a general rewrite, and expansion of the API calls intercepted by the plugin. See the changelog page for a more detailed list of all the changes. Please contact Mike with any suggestions, comments or bugs.

WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Has a New Home

The Hebrew date Plugin has not been in active development for a while, and I am pleased to announce that it now has a new home at Mike added a config page as well as a few new options. The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Hebrew dates Plugin Page. As a backup, you can also download it from Mike’s Site. In addition to Mike’s work, Jacob Fresco has used the code to create an additional Jewish Date plugin that displays the current Jewish date. This plugin has since been merged to Mike’s version.
Read the following posts at Mike’s site for more details.

Hebrew Date Plugin Version 0.9 Released

As pointed out in a comment on the WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin page, there was a PHP function isJewishLeapYear missing from the plugin that caused issues when the month was Adar. I added this to the file and released it as version 0.9. I do not have any posts in Adar, so I can’t really test this fix, so please let me know if you run into any problems.

Update WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Has a New Home!.

New Version of the Hebrew Date Plugin Available

A new version (v0.3.0) of the Hebrew Date Plugin is now available. This fixes the post time formatting issue. The code is crude and relies on the detection of a ‘:’ in the Date String to determine that it is a time and not date. This works well with the Kubrick, the default WordPress 1.5 theme. Other themes that use alternate date formatting might not work perfectly with this plugin. It is worth noting that as far as I know, this plugin will only work with WP 1.5. The plugin does not require changes to the theme and can simply be activated from the Admin plugin screen.

WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Alpha Release

I just hacked a simple plugin that displays Hebrew dates alongside the current Gregorian dates on posts. This is now active on this site. The alpha quality code (v0.2.0) is now available for your testing. For the most part the code is almost identical to the PHP code that I wrote to display Jewish dates in PhpGedView. While the PhpGedView code has various display options, for the sake of simplicity and the fact that I never wrote any WordPress plugins before, I did not code any of these options yet. Also not done is parsing of the “Month, Year” format of the archive pages. The PhpGedView code has many options such as displaying the dates in

  • Hebrew Only – י״ז סיון תשס״ה
  • Hebrew and Gregorian – June 24th, 2005 – י״ז סיון תשס״ה
  • Hebrew using the Latin characters – 17 Sivan 5765

and more. These may eventually be added to the plugin.