WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Alpha Release

I just hacked a simple plugin that displays Hebrew dates alongside the current Gregorian dates on posts. This is now active on this site. The alpha quality code (v0.2.0) is now available for your testing. For the most part the code is almost identical to the PHP code that I wrote to display Jewish dates in PhpGedView. While the PhpGedView code has various display options, for the sake of simplicity and the fact that I never wrote any WordPress plugins before, I did not code any of these options yet. Also not done is parsing of the “Month, Year” format of the archive pages. The PhpGedView code has many options such as displaying the dates in

  • Hebrew Only – י״ז סיון תשס״ה
  • Hebrew and Gregorian – June 24th, 2005 – י״ז סיון תשס״ה
  • Hebrew using the Latin characters – 17 Sivan 5765

and more. These may eventually be added to the plugin.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Alpha Release”

  1. Hello! I’m putting together a blog page for my cousin’s email blog. The title of each email is simple – the day’s date in Gregorian and Hebrew, using latin characters for both. Would it be too much trouble to make that modification to the WordPress plugin so that his posts could be dated that way?


  2. As mentioned in the post, the code for the options are already coded, but need to be integrated. I will eventually be adding more configuration options, but for now this will have to wait. I want the code to stabilize before I add more options (The first time I touched WordPress was about a week ago, and I am not a native at PHP (I can hack it a little but not much, but I wouldn’t even call it a second or third language that I ‘speak’)), so I really want to wait before making things too complex.

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