Zmanim API 1.1 Beta 2 Released

The second beta release of the Zmanim API 1.1 is now available on the download page. Changes in this release include additional code refactoring to the refactoring already done in the last few releases. As in the previous release, included is the zmanimAstronomical-1.1_beta_2.jar, a release that only includes the AstronomicalCalendar class and supporting classes. As part of the changes, an effort was put in to make the code simpler to port to other languages. This mostly involved moving formatting code out of main classes. The only interface changes were the addition of a few new methods to the GeoLocation class. It is likely that the next release will remove the empty GeoLocation constructor that can lead to inadvertent errors. This removal might break existing code. I hope to post details about these changes in the near future.

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