Hebrew Date Plugin Version 0.9 Released

As pointed out in a comment on the WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin page, there was a PHP function isJewishLeapYear missing from the plugin that caused issues when the month was Adar. I added this to the file and released it as version 0.9. I do not have any posts in Adar, so I can’t really test this fix, so please let me know if you run into any problems.

Update WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Has a New Home!.

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  1. I was told to add these filters to your plugin and I got it to work:


    Then I tried to do a clean install on my new server and I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gregoriantojd() in /usr/wwwjfl/JFLMedia/html/peoplehood/wp-content/plugins/hebrewdate.php on line 71

    Any thoughts? All I did was add the filters listed above and it worked fine on my old server ()

    Let me know….


  2. Hello & Hi!
    Everything worked fine until october! From now on, the date shows the “default date” (1. january 1970) and the default hebrew date, but I changed nothing! Maybe it is a bug? If I deactivate the hebrew date, everything works fine and the correct date for the new post is shown in the blog. With activated plug-in, all october posts are from 1970… Any idea?

  3. Sorry for posting again: There was an error I didn’t noticed because I set up the wordpress blog in August. As long as the english and the german name for the months are the same, everything works fine: August, september but when it comes to “german-only”, the script produces the 1970 thing. May I change the plug-in code to “translate” the script? Maybe that would be the best “workaround”…

  4. in the hebrewdate.php file, locate the following line (should be line 44):
    $months = array(“january”=>”1”, “february”=>”2”, “march”=>”3”, “april”=>”4”, “may”=>”5”, “june”=>”6”, “july”=>”7”, “august”=>”8”, “september”=>”9”, “october”=>”10”, “november”=>”11”, “december”=>”12”);

    and replace the month names with the German ones. You can use the lower case month names.

  5. Thank you again…! Interesting that the script does not work again… Somewhere between template’s (I also tried the “default” plugin) and and the hebrew date plugin script something goes wrong. It is hard to track the “bug” (in fact it is not a bug, more a problem of localisation)…

  6. I’ve been making a bunch of changes to your code, including adding a configuration page and a sunset calculator (to handle evening posts / comments!). I’ve also added some more formatting options. I’ve tried to add your link as a trackback, but it appears never to have made it! My main post is here: in the comments section, there are a few trackbacks with some later posts of mine detailing the changes.

  7. I am very grateful that you picked up development of the plugin. I have not had much time lately to keep it up to date, and it is nice that it is being actively developed. I was new to WordPress and some of the code shows it. The way it parses dates reflected my lack of ability to get to the native unformatted date. If this were ever fixed, it would likely work in other languages as well. There must have been a reason I did it this way, though the reasoning escapes me at the time (I havn’t really looked at it in a long time). Do you have any additional plans for the plugin? Keep me posted. As far as track back, it is probably the overzealous spam filters that prevent them from working, so I am cross posting this to my blog.


  8. [Also cross-posted to my blog]
    I’m not sure what else needs to be done; the date does need some work (Internally, I use get_the_date to get the date/time of the post, and get_comment_date); I’ll try playing with that.

    The other big issue is formatting. At the moment, it’s hard coded as DD MMM YYYY (or something similar for archives). If the entire date is English (numbers + transliteration), it works just fine. If the entire thing is Hebrew, it also works just fine without needed a span/rtl. If, however, we have numbers + Hebrew, it shows up in the wrong order (17 מרחשון 5756) (numbers are weakly directional in the bidi algorithm), and so I add a <span dir="rtl"> tag. I’m also not sure there’s a need for Hebrew formatting that’s not either 17 Marchesvan 5767 or 17 מרחשון 5756 (in all Hebrew, it’s of course always ב מרחשון תשס״ז ).

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