WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Has a New Home

The Hebrew date Plugin has not been in active development for a while, and I am pleased to announce that it now has a new home at mikeage.net. Mike added a config page as well as a few new options. The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Hebrew dates Plugin Page. As a backup, you can also download it from Mike’s Site. In addition to Mike’s work, Jacob Fresco has used the code to create an additional Jewish Date plugin that displays the current Jewish date. This plugin has since been merged to Mike’s version.
Read the following posts at Mike’s site for more details.

7 thoughts on “WordPress Hebrew Date Plugin Has a New Home”

  1. Matt,
    Assuming that you downloaded Mike’s latest version linked above, go to your WordPress admin page. On the left side towards the bottom you will see a settings section. Select Hebrew Date and change the Character Set setting from “Hebrew Months” to “Ashkenazic Transliteration” or “Sefardic Transliteration” and click Update. That should do the trick without any code change.

  2. BS”D

    Hi, chodesh tov, hannuka sameach.

    I just installed your plugin on my WP (ver. 3.7.1) new website but very sadly I saw that it is not working properly.

    So I noticed on WP plugin download page it says “Compatible up to: 3.4.2” and “Last Updated: 2012-9-27”.

    Can you please update it to the latest version? Or can you please help me fixing the plugin?

    Thank you in advance.


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